Cold LightPEDRO TSENG’S “COLD LIGHT” SERIESAn exploration into the possibility of painting from the virtual reality In recent years, installation art has been the principal model of art expression for the young artists and digital art has also been 關鍵字行銷becoming a popular language for discussion among the art world. With this new trend, has painting become obsolete? With this form of art creation emerging from the new era of science and technology, artists are stressing on the facilities of advanced media 個人信貸and are often neglecting the spiritual combination of technology and art. Though speed and time both benefit from the new technology, the principles of space and culture still need to be expressed through aesthetic cultivation and human experience. In Pedro 汽車貸款Tseng’s new works from the “Cold Light” series, created during the past three years, he explores a new feeling of painting space using the multimedia of his digital experiments and knowledge of the photo darkroom process, video editing, and computer graphics. With 辦公室出租this new series, Pedro Tseng explores the “art spirituality,” studying cubism, constitutionism, colour magic, and other areas of aesthetics. “Cold Light” is a new series, evolving from the previous series, “A Return to the Native Land ,” “Childhood,” 膠原蛋白and “Spring Bird.”  The symbolic allegories of humanity, myth, and primitive life found in the South American iguanas and North American wolf were his chief inspirations for creation. Presently, he is beginning to reflect on the contemporary living space and 景觀設計human phenomena in Taiwan . He is engaging in a further metaphysical study on colour field composition and light shad by his combination of fauvism, cubism, constitutionism, and surrealism. Using these techniques, he combines the colour variations of natural light and 結婚西裝virtual light, allowing for a natural colour tone to emerge. A mysterious atmosphere is created through the shimmering aura of cold light reflected throughout the work, producing a ghostly effect while still retaining an oriental style. With respect to the 襯衫works of Giorgio de Chirico and Edward Hopper, Pedro Tseng has merged the styles of digital life into the modern world, with a hint of nostalgia. The development of modern technology has gradually changed society’s view of time/space and form/colour. Pedro 宜蘭民宿Tseng’s works depict these evolutions with vivacity and introduce the viewers into an art world with new life and new spirit with his unique modern symbolism.(Pedro Tseng 曾長生)

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